Word Count

Simple word count tool with synonym suggestion for superior writing.

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Word Frequency and Synonyms

Word Frequency (Percentage) Synonyms

What is the Word Count app?

The word count tool helps you to know the statistics of words and characters and improves word choices of your written work. Since, the splendid writing normally has various words, this word count tool allows you to see high-frequency words you have in your writing. You can also search for synonyms for each of the high frequency words to improve the diversity of words in your work. Thus, this tool can assist you to have a better written material.

Currently, the word count tool has the following features:

  1. Count the total number of words
  2. Count the total number of characters with spaces
  3. Count the total number of characters with no spaces
  4. Show the frequency and percentage of high-frequency words
  5. Suggest synonyms for the high-frequency words